Simulation Enhanced Integrated Systems for Model-based Intelligent Control

EINSTEIN will address the scientific and technical challenges related to energy efficiency optimisation of existing buildings.

It will formulate and integrate a number of new control strategies to be used with a simulation-based building control system. This will provide the building manager with information on occupant energy use as well as the optimum energy efficiency solution for their building. It will not only eradicate errors between ‘as–built and ‘as-designed’ conditions but also include predictive analysis with respect to how the building will perform, taking into account future weather predictions and occupant use. Read our Guide

It will automate fault detection and diagnosis, and provide optimisation and prediction through a simulation environment to optimise the energy consumption of existing buildings

The control strategies will be tested and validated both at simulation level and on a number of existing buildings.


EINSTEIN will develop a new innovative modular simulation-based building control system which is:

Real Time

Exploits real-time holistic building simulation (integrated with diverse building systems)


Directly enables automated control actions of a building and its surroundings (adaptively)

Energy Saving

Provides considerable energy savings to the building (by an optimized algorithm)

EINSTEIN seeks to address all building types including Residential, Commercial, Office, Retail, Sports and Leisure, and Domestic.

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